The Sleepless Goat Why Fair Trade Coffee?

Why Fair Trade Coffee?

Consumption is a political act. The products we choose to buy support the places and processes that helped to bring a particular product to market. The choices we make are political because they endorse both a vision of how the economy works, and a conception of ourselves as citizens who are served by market forces economy and not merely subject to them.

After petroleum, coffee is the world’s second most traded commodity. It is important to recognize the coffee we buy has the potential to revolutionize (or sustain) the inequitable practices that normally mar the industry.

By serving only Fair Trade and organic coffee, The Sleepless Goat Cafe and Worker’s Co-operative is committed to promoting relationships between producers and consumers that are equitable on the one hand, and deliver quality organic, shade-grown, and bird-friendly coffee on the other.

While the market price for coffee is variable (averaging $O.50 American) and prone to speculators’ whims, certified Fair Trade coffee guarantees that coffee growers receive a minimum price for their product (at least $1.26 American). Moreover, Fair Trade certified coffee ensures that ecologically-sound principles are utilized, and that plantations adopt working conditions that are free of racism, sexism, ageism, and other exploitative practices.