The Sleepless Goat The Sleepless Goat Mission Statement

The Sleepless Goat Mission Statement

The Sleepless Goat Workers’ Co-operative is a collectively owned restaurant and association of workers committed to shared values derived from a participatory, non-hierarchical workplace and a consensual decision making process. The Sleepless Goat strives for the constant improvement of the well-being of all individuals involved on the basis of their active, free and meaningful participation in its development and in the fair and equitable distribution of the benefits resulting therefrom.

The Sleepless Goat works to foster a fun, safe, mutually respectful, supportive, diverse and creative working environment. We encourage the free and open sharing of skills and informatoin amongst ourselves for the greater empowerment of workers and the improvement of the business.

The Sleepless Goat strives to pay all workers an equal and living wage. As workers, we respect each others’ diverse contributions, and maintain a sensitivity to the different ways in which each worker’s effort for the Sleepless Goat relates to her/his own life and social context, including but not limited to such factors as parental status and ability.

We acknowledge the basic right of every person to food, and will provide high-quality, healthy and affordable food in a warm and safe environment to our guests, regardless of their economic reality. Those who cannot afford to pay will be given their meals with the same dignity and respect as any other guests. We affirm the economy of the gift over and against the absolute commodification of our planet and our daily lives.

We are committed to socially and environmentally sustainable and ethical business practices. We will continue to strive for ever more ecologically sound (organic, local, etc.), equitable and direct trade with our suppliers, and make every effort to minimize waste production in the restaurant.

We are committed to our role in the Kingston community as a safe, accessible, child-friendly, environmentally conscious, pro-feminist, anti-facist, class conscious, queer-positive space.

We dig the arts. Props to the arts.

Recognising ourselves as part of a larger political community, both locally and globally, we strive to develop and maintain alliances with other workers’ co-operatives. We affirm both the necessity and real possibility of a revolution in human relations, both economic and interpersonal. Rather than senselessly toil under the late-capitalist conditions of herarchy, competition, commodification and the illusion of scarcity (with their resulting alienation, humiliation and conformity), we will work towards the realization of mutual compassion, community, equity, diversity and co-operation.